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What Is The Camshaft

Nov 17, 2016

The Camshaft (English: Camshaft) is a component in the engine. Its role is to control the valve opening and closing action. Although in the four-stroke engine camshaft speed is half of the crankshaft (in two stroke engine camshaft speed is the same as the crankshaft), but usually it's speed is still high, but need to bear a lot of torque, so the design of a high requirement on the camshaft in terms of strength and support, the material is special cast iron, occasionally also have the use of forgings. Due to valve motion is related to an engine power and running properties, so the design in the design process of the engine camshaft occupies very important position.

The structure of the camshaft

The main body of the camshaft is a same as the cylinder length cylindrical bar body. The above set of several CAM, used to drive the valve. One end of the camshaft is bearing strong point, the other end connected with the drive wheels.

The side of the CAM is the egg shape. The purpose of its design is to ensure that the cylinder full of intake and exhaust, specifically in the shortest possible time to complete the valve opening and closing action. Also considering the durability of the engine and comfort of operation, the valve can't because of the opening and closing action of the deceleration process to produce too much too much, otherwise it will cause the valve of the serious wear, noise or other serious consequences. Therefore, CAM and engine power and torque output and smooth operation has a direct relationship.

In-line engines in generally speaking, a CAM is corresponding to a valve, V type engine or horizontal contraposition type engine is every two valve share a CAM. And no valve with gas engine rotor engine and due to its special structure, does not need to CAM.