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The Transmission System Of The Engine Camshaft

Nov 17, 2016

Camshaft driven by a crankshaft, its transmission mechanism has a tooth gear, chain and belt. ? Gear transmission mechanism is used to set type and medium type camshaft drive. Normally just a timing gear of the gasoline engine, the crankshaft timing gear and the camshaft timing gear. Diesel engine to drive diesel engine fuel injection pump at the same time, so add an intermediate gear. In order to ensure the gear mesh smooth, low noise, wear small, timing gear cylindrical helical gear with different materials is made. The crankshaft timing gear made of medium carbon steel, cast iron camshaft timing gear is used or fabric bakelite.

In order to guarantee the right valve timing and fuel injection timing, engraved with timing marks on transmission gear, assembly time required for mark. Chain transmission mechanism for medium and overhead camshaft drive, especially on type camshaft of high-speed gasoline engine adopts many chain transmission mechanism. General for roller chain chain, should maintain a certain degree of tension at work, don't make the vibration and noise. Therefore in the chain transmission mechanism is equipped with chain plate and in the chain tensioner loose edge devices.