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Nodular Graphite Iron Castings Have A Certain Uniqueness

Oct 20, 2017

Nodular Graphite Iron Castings was obtained by spherical and inoculation, which reduced the effect of graphite on the matrix, and effectively improved the mechanical properties of cast iron and obtained high plasticity, toughness and strength. Ductile iron is a kind of high-strength cast iron material developed in the the 1950s, its comprehensive performance is close to steel, it is based on its excellent performance, it has been successfully applied to some parts which have high requirement of stress, strength, toughness and abrasion resistance. Ductile iron has rapidly developed to be the most widely used cast iron material after Gray iron. The demand for the performance of ductile iron is more and more high. In ductile iron production can be applied to a variety of ball processing methods, the ball processing methods have advantages and disadvantages, the need for enterprise engineers according to the actual production conditions reasonable choice of application.

Ductile iron produced by the manufacturer of ductile iron in our industrial production application is very extensive, and high quality castings performance is very good, and stamping product performance is very good, ductile iron application is very wide.

As the price of the products produced by ductile iron Castings is very low, the scope of use is increasing and can replace some of the previous materials,

Ductile iron in the world's products are rising, and the development of our industry is very rapid, in 07 has become the world's largest country.

Ductile iron The latest price is very cheap, and domestic production level has reached a very good level, but the production process than the international or lag, embodied in some of the raw materials and equipment of your various aspects, resulting in the production of this cast iron will fluctuate, and this technology continues to improve continuously. Compared with some developed countries, in fact, China's cast iron ball ink is still some gap, but has a very good development.

Compared with other workpiece, ductile iron parts do have a certain uniqueness, but this also can not be avoided ductile iron castings after the formation of cleaning, the purpose is to remove the production process residue of a variety of undesirable phenomena, making ductile iron parts to achieve excellent quality.

Through cleaning, can be directly removed is the surface of ductile iron dust, because it is often in the dust of the production site, so the casting will have dust is unavoidable. Although the dust on ductile iron castings can be removed with water or alkaline solutions, it should be noted that if there is adhesion to the dirt it requires high-pressure water or steam to clean it.

The cleaning can also effectively remove ductile iron parts of the surface of the iron powder or embedded FE, these free iron if not in time completely removed, will become the cause of corrosion of the main corrosion of the casting. Among them, the floating powder can be removed with the dust, and some adhesion is strong, must be embedded in the iron treatment.

In addition to the above-mentioned residues need to be cleaned, ductile iron parts surface scratches, rust also need to be cleaned. But only rely on water cleaning is useless, but also need to use mechanical means, such as polishing, polishing and so on, so that ductile iron castings restored to a good surface.

K-Type Ductile iron pipe fittings as a typical ductile iron parts have many advantages, which can not be separated from the above-mentioned cleaning links. Magnesium or rare earth magnesium combined with gold pellets before pouring into molten iron, so that graphite ball, stress concentration reduced, so that the pipe has a large strength, high elongation, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and good sealing property.

In addition to surface cleaning, K-type ductile iron tube ear surface quality can also meet the relevant standards, whether it is the intrinsic quality or external qualities, have greatly improved the reliability of the operation of the network.