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Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft High Precision, Long Life, High Stability

Jul 19, 2017

General Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft for the carbon steel material, the choice of carbon steel electrode welding repair can be. Measure the rotor shaft head offset before welding is about 0.03mm, and record the original data. Welding will be placed on the ground on the ground, the bearing at the bit with a fine sandpaper to clean the debris. Welding with symmetrical balance welding method symmetrical welding, welding a road, in the opposite welding the second road, that is, the figure 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... ... the order of welding, the choice of φ3.2mm carbon steel Electrode, with DC welding machine is connected. Current transferred to about 130A, using a small current, rapid welding. After welding 10mm ~ 25mm, immediately with two pounds of hammer tapping the weld, the release of stress. To be welded to about 60 ℃, and then the next welding. Edge welding edge check rotor shaft deformation.

The total length of 100mm ~ 150mm of the weld, about 4h welding finished. After the welding work is completed, the rotor will be cooled to room temperature and then processed on the lathe. The bearing diameter of the bearing axis is about 0.02mm ~ 0.03mm. After several hours, the motor will be reassembled and the motor will vibrate at 131μm. No abnormalities.

After repeated maintenance practice, found that if the bearing bit wear serious, welding processing, the shaft strength will be reduced, the operation of the process if the sudden increase in load, there have been shaft fracture situation, but most of the shaft can be used to repair Claim. Our maintenance methods seem "behind", but it is very practical, it can in a short period of time, with a more economical way to solve the problem, to ensure the normal production.

But this method requires skilled technical workers, repair time is relatively long, can not solve the problem of corrosion of the shaft surface again, you can recommend to use.

Motor rotor oil lubricated ball bearing is characterized by small load, high precision, long life, small friction torque, high stability. Under normal operating conditions, the bearing life, friction torque and reliability of the important factors is the bearing lubrication. Bearings in specific working conditions (such as vacuum sealed environment, etc.), can only rely on the lubricants contained in the cage to maintain bearing lubrication, to maintain the normal operation of the motor rotor, are a one-time lubrication. Motor rotor special working environment (vacuum closed) and long life requirements, even if the use of oil-bearing cage bearings are also difficult to meet the requirements,Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft must provide the appropriate oil supply system, to supplement the oil supply, in order to ensure adequate lubrication of the bearing. When the bearing is supplied with oil, the lubrication of the bearing needs to be analyzed to determine the approximate time of the replenishment.

Bearing lubrication Although there are a lot of theoretical calculation formula and application experience, but there are considerable limitations. The mathematical model and empirical coefficient of the calculation formula are generally established under the ideal process quality condition, and the obtained values tend to deviate from the actual value. The complexity and system of bearing lubrication determine the test and test analysis is an important basis for testing bearing lubrication design.

The one-time lubrication life of the bearing is the time that the bearing can maintain the normal operation by the cyclic lubrication established by the lubricating oil contained in the cage itself without any external lubrication. Bearing failure mode is not fatigue failure,Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft mainly due to lack of lubrication to produce precision failure, resulting in bearing wear failure.