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Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft Can Improve The Speed Of Turning

May 26, 2017

Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft The advanced countries in the twentieth century, the nineties has been proposed rotor shaft processing process tolerance should be zero in the processing requirements of zero, but because of our current production technology present situation, you want to achieve this standard is still more difficult , So in order to promote the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, manufacturers need to continue to develop new ultra-precision production process to make up for the lack of production.

Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft The current machining method can be divided into fine and fine grinding, which mainly uses fast sewing machine, although this method can improve the speed of turning, but often in the processing of the shaft vibration at the end of the situation, which Will lose the life of the shaft, so the current start using slow servo turning production technology. Through a large number of production time, we found that in the actual transaction often appear cutting tumor, tool wear and other issues, must cause the attention of the relevant processing personnel. In order to improve the quality of processing, should be in the detection mode and finishing some of the characteristics of the machine parts, machine tools, such as the overall equipment, such as regular testing. The parts after processing should also be tested in accordance with the relevant provisions. It is important to note that in the detection should pay attention to the bit line measurement, so as to further improve the accuracy of dynamic processing.

Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft Rotor shaft of the processing steps are often arranged in the 350t above the heavy-duty CNC car on the car, and large machine tool loading is particularly important. To this end is generally in the processing of 600MW ~ 1000MW turbo-generator shaft to be prepared with the 350t heavy-duty horizontal control universal joint sets of use of the rotary shaft tools, 350t recumbent center frame supporting the use of static pressure support tile and ordinary Ujin head Special tools. For the use of supporting tools we should be treated with caution, because the static design is often very critical support, oil film or vapor film changes for the impact of precision processing, so the current steam (wheel generator shaft processing routine process for the universal joint - Double bracket support, that is, by the universal coupling moment, in the shaft steam, the end of the journal or the oil platform and other parts of the way through the central frame support, the use of this processing technology can be a good solution due to machine The transmission mechanism (mechanical parts) gap and other factors on the processing of the negative impact of precision.

Million-scale turbo-generator shaft bearing span is about 13130mm, 600,000 turbo-generator shaft bearing span of 10061.2mm, the body part of the outer diameter of 1270mm, so the static deflection than the 600MW Gasoline Generator Rotorshaft Bigger. Due to the above characteristics of the one million turbo-generators, it is more difficult to ensure that the dimensions and geometrical tolerances of the machining are. Millions of turbo-generator rotor shaft structure is more slender and fragile, in the process by its own deflection, size and shape and position tolerance are difficult to guarantee. In view of this phenomenon, in the millions of turbo-generator shaft shaft processing in the introduction of the concept of the third support. Three-point support to minimize the adverse effects of shaft deflection on machining. In the turning process, the dedicated center frame and support in the excitation section of the appropriate location to meet the next turning task.