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Diesel Camshaft High Precision Machining

Oct 31, 2017

(1) check the adjustment of the axial clearance

An engine that is axially positioned with a thrust flange is inserted between the front end face of the cam shaft and the thrust flange or between the timing wheel hub end and the thrust flange when the axial clearance is checked , The thickness of the ruler is the Diesel Camshaft axial clearance. Generally 0.10mm, the use of the limit of 0.25mm, such as the gap does not meet the requirements, can be used to reduce the thickness of the thrust flange to adjust.

(2) Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Camshaft bending deformation of the maintenance

The bending deformation of the  Diesel Camshaft is measured by the circular round beating error of the journal journal at both ends of the Diesel Camshaft. The inspection method is shown in the figure. Place the Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Camshaft on the V-iron, and the V-iron and the dial indicator on the plate so that the dial indicator contacts the vertical contact with the Diesel Camshaft intermediate journal. Turn the Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Camshaft to observe the degree of curvature of the dial shaft. After checking, check the results and standard values to determine whether to repair or replace.

(3)Diesel Camshaft other maintenance items

1) Timing gear journal keyway maintenance: timing gear journal keyway symmetrical plane, generally with the first cylinder into the exhaust cam maximum lift symmetry plane coincidence, the wear will make the valve timing changes. After the keyway is worn, the keypad can be re-opened or opened in the new position.

2) the maximum consumption of gasoline pump driven eccentric wear: gasoline pump driven eccentric wear limit is generally 1 mm, more than the limit should generally replace the Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Camshaft.

Diameter jumps: standard -0.01 ~ 0.03 mm, limit -0.05 ~ 0.10 mm.

The bending deformation of the Diesel Camshaft can be repaired by the cold pressing method, but it is preferable to change the new part.

3) cam wear maintenance

The wear of the cam causes the valve to change and the maximum lift is reduced, so the maximum lift reduction of the cam is the main basis for the classification of the cam test.

When the cam maximum lift reduction value is greater than 0.40mm or cam surface cumulative wear more than 0.80mm, then replace the Diesel Camshaft; when the cam surface cumulative wear and tear is small 0.80mm, the Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Camshaft grinding machine grinding cam.     

However, the modern car engine Diesel Camshaft cams are combined line type, due to high precision machining, high repair costs, so very little repair, the general replacement of the Diesel Camshaft.     

4)Diesel Camshaft journal and bearing maintenance

①Diesel Camshaft journal and bearing maintenance: with a micrometer to measure the Diesel Camshaft journal roundness error and cylindrical error. Diesel Camshaft journal roundness error shall not be greater than 0.015mm, the coaxial coaxial error of each journal shall not exceed 0.05mm. Otherwise it should be repaired.

② Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Camshaft bearing maintenance:Diesel Camshaft bearing with the gap exceeds the use of the limit, should replace the new bearings.