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Casting Picecs Has A Stretchable Length

Aug 09, 2017

The cleaning of the Casting Picecs - that is, the pouring risers and the burrs of the Casting Picecs are an indispensable process in the casting production. Due to the low degree of mechanization and automation in this aspect, there is a low efficiency, high labor intensity, Serious, security risks and many other issues. This paper describes the use of high rigidity robot grinding processing center, CNC multi-axial machine tools, non-standard CNC, stamping shear and robot and other full-sequence equipment on the ferrite casting burr flash removal method is the most advanced in recent years, casting cleaning method One of the methods can effectively improve the production efficiency and improve the operating environment of the scene, the production of related enterprises have a great role in promoting.

As we all know, China is a large casting industry, which is the casting of the casting is an indispensable production of a key process, but in the production process due to the low degree of mechanization and automation, seriously restricting the development of China's manufacturing industry, but also China can only For the foundry industry rather than "casting industry power" one of the key reasons.

Abroad, based on the lack of labor and the development of industrialization, learn from the experience of mechanical processing equipment developed a number of casting cleaning equipment used in some high-end Casting Picecs polished site, put into use after a certain effect, but there are some problems.

(1) China's domestic casting conditions and the actual situation is different from abroad, including personnel management issues, the accuracy of the workpiece, casting varieties.

For example: domestic and foreign workpiece casting precision is different, foreign grinding, and domestic grinding. Equipment on-site use of the situation is far more difficult than foreign scene.

(2) equipment prices are very expensive, difficult to spread and widely used.

Based on such an environmental background, we through more than six years time, from the machine tool and robot structure to start, from the bottom of the development, the introduction of the casting parts of the equipment to clean up the polished solution, and a number of well-known domestic enterprises to be applied, Get good results. Including high rigidity mechanical arm grinding processing center, CNC grinding machine, robot grinding equipment, non-standard equipment, stamping shear edge equipment, etc., to fill the gaps in the industry. To solve the casting sand produced by the dust pollution, and the product waste rate is basically zero, iron scrap recovery rate of one hundred percent. Fully reached the workshop without pollution, no work injury, no bad product of the purpose, in the energy-saving emission reduction under the premise of effectively doing the downsizing efficiency. These are fully compliant with the needs of the development of our country at this stage.

Forging is the metal being applied with an external pressure, through plastic deformation to reach the shape we want. A typical representative of this force is achieved by hammer or pressure. Forging the manufacturing process also makes its internal grain more refined, and improve the physical properties of the metal. The advantages of forgings are mainly stretchable lengths, retractable cross sections.

Casting Picecs are made of various casting methods of metal forming objects, that is, smelting good liquid metal, with casting, injection, suction or other casting method into the pre-prepared model, after cooling the surface shot by grinding and other follow-up Processing means, and get a certain shape, size and performance of the object.