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CAM Divider Seven Big Kinds

Nov 17, 2016

A, spindle type > < DS: output shaft as the spindle; Suitable for intermittent transmission belt.

B, flange, flange type: output shaft type outside for a flange flange; Suitable for heavy load of the back wheel fixed and all kinds of disc processing machinery.

C, hollow flange type: appearance size and function are similar to flange type flange, flange place for only a hollow axis (H); Suitable for power distribution and piping of save space

D, merge jack-up type: output shaft can be done in addition to the intermittent circular motion, can also do in arbitrary motion segmentation jack-up movement up and down and from side to side; After a simple collocation can get high efficiency, high precision of take put transfer campaign.

E, the separation of jack-up type: do fixed up and down the heart of the output shaft axis movement and a responsible for intermittent segmentation of movement of the flange; In simple according to actual application can achieve such as pressure, liquid filling, force and other complex movement.

F, parallel degree (P) : this unit is generally used in paper printing, has the advantages of high speed, precision and accuracy. We can according to the actual needs of customers, for the selection and customization.

G, large disk type (DT) : this model can bear larger radial, axial pressure, has the characteristics of heavy load; Output shaft is disk type design, disk screw hole position, fixed area make the flatness and stability more stable solid; For larger load of rotary or disk drive occasion.

Above is the CAM divider seven big kinds