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Tablet of conjugate CAM type division characteristics

Nov 17, 2016

Tablet of conjugate CAM segmentation is one of the segmentation, but also in daily work and projects we use a kind of most types of divider, in front of this type of product introduction of our team is not a lot, so today we team this type of divider to introduce a simple overview and.

This CAM divider with two fixed onto the shaft type plate CAM as well as with the CAM drive roller turn DaChu shaft, the divider is parallel to the conjugate CAM mechanism design, by two patches on the joint in the shaft type plate CAM rotation and drive roller turret rotation and achieve the function of the output shaft indexing, the most suitable for

Supply large pitch conveyor belt transmission of live to stay longer intermittent indexing. Otherwise don't remember that special three chip under the conjugate divider, is more suitable for some quick long pitch conveyor, and retention time is longer than the two chip.