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Division of the CAM worn out how repair

Nov 17, 2016

Used divider friends all know that the CAM is a major part of the divider, if appear problem, the parts will affect the quality of engine body. It mainly is to guarantee the movement of engine valve group has the correct and safe, but if the CAM wear situation, how to repair? Below we lian rui CAM processing factory several methods of CAM repair:

CAM wear is higher than 1.0 ~ 1.5 mm immediately repair, can pass gas welding, welding rod can use 45 # steel wire or exhaust gas spring door, according to the wear degree determine welding layer thickness. Usually, after welding of the CAM is higher than the normal CAM 2 ~ 3 mm, can file by hand to grind it to the right shape and size, welding flame barbecue, when color into apricot, by quenching progress its hardness in water.