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Division of CAM and roller appear not smooth

Nov 17, 2016

Division of the CAM roller on its axis, a category in the static but not rotating turret taper, when rotating rib usually two or three CAM roller interact with each other, so that the force transmitted to focus on shaft axis symmetry. But if can't smooth transmission between the CAM and the roller surface, can make the CAM damaged divider. Let me give you the role of division of the CAM CAM:

CAM by high speed rotating support into the shaft can be mediation into the shaft and focus on the gap between the shaft and solve the problem of not smooth. In other words, through the mediation of the high-speed shaft can solve a sign of a bad circulation. Can be close to the CAM through high-speed preloading load elastic area, so as to enhance the rigid CAM division division.

The CAM divider lubrication is the key to the maintenance. Lubrication can reduce the friction and wear parts and prolong the using life, full play to the mechanical function, low consumption, etc.

On the contrary, if the lubrication is not in place, will accelerate the abrasion damage, mechanical production efficiency is greatly reduced, and even the complete equipment damage.

So segmentation of CAM and roller appear when the situation is not smooth, is usually caused by lubrication work does not reach the designated position, so friends in daily work, must pay more attention to lubrication.