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CAM segmentation in the field by the drive system is how to do

Nov 17, 2016

Now CAM divider heyday applied in mechanical industry, but few people can understand his system is what kind of situation, below we united machinery technical staff was said to you about:

Divider CAM shaft torque has positive and negative change in a week. And CAM segmentation feature only in the camshaft rotates at a rate must be brilliant to play. With CAM divider is not stability to segmentation and torque will significantly increase, cause bad influence to intermittent activity. Therefore, CAM divider on the axis of sliding belt with inoculation, inoculation fluctuation of chain and has a clearance of gear drive. Use the belt or chain must lhe swelling. Use of gear accuracy is higher, to eliminate the meshing clearance.

Environment, usually separated adjacent formation of input shaft axis input key layout. , during the course of transmission due to the factors of stability and driving load of pulsation, very easy to get loose key adjacent, joint gap. Make input shaft activity even been disambiguation, blow. So much not only adjacent to destroy its internal CAM and needle roller bearings. To is that in the adjacent to careful mediation, often a raid in the using process.