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CAM intermittent mechanism how to have a longer pause time

Nov 17, 2016

Everyone know CAM intermittent mechanism is a kind of intermittent devices, but in use when the choice according to different requirements, the idle time is different also, but in the use process how to adjust or choose? Below we CAM segmentation processing factory technicians for everyone said once:

If it was used for the CAM down a long time, can be accepted on the scale of the CAM mechanism. In this kind of parts, sprocket drive chain, install circular cut in the chain, when round cut into the gutter, CAM rotation. Geneva wheel have rest after every turn 90 degrees, chain transmission center distance decide the length of the idle time.

Cease of the CAM mechanism can be divided into idle for a long time and short time, although the parts are the same, the same principle also, but are not the same software, so in production must choose the right parts.