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CAM inaccurate segmentation precision is how to return a responsibility

Nov 17, 2016

CAM segmentation is one of the most sophisticated instruments and equipment, is widely used in all walks of life, especially the more strict and precise welding with science, and printing industries. But often in the process of use, can appear some or this kind of failure or problems, such as precision no and so on, is the most headache thing. So, when we meet with CAM segmentation accuracy are not allowed to do?

1, first check whether there is something wrong with the drive motor, because all of the power and the rotation of the parts are the source of power, if the input voltage instability led to click on the drivers appear problem, this should be our most should check one aspect.

2, the inside of the CAM divider gear spacing can be adjusted, if after just buy equipment, appear such problem, should promptly notify the manufacturer can be adjusted.

3, if you are in use for a long time, because the rotation of the large load lead to the friction between the gear clearance, then you should consider replacing new divider.