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CAM divider functions and USES

Nov 17, 2016

Function purpose we can be roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is planar segmentation purposes, one kind is alien segmentation purposes.

Plane function: CAM base for arc of rotors, the driven roller vertical axis with the output shaft, and with the CAM axis in the same plane, convex contour surface curve segment driven index plate dislocation, straight segment index plate static and self-locking. Through the agency to continuous input rotary motion into step output of intermittent movement.

Function of special-shaped segmentation: suitable for heavy duty back wheel fixed and each wheel processing machinery. DF flange type CAM flange separator (DF) this unit has a heavy load characteristic, can bear larger vertical radial, axial pressure, or for the company's exclusive design engineers, over the years for disc structure need to be designed, the output shaft to face plate design, flange center, disk, positioning, pin holes that fixed noodles wide, has the stable running of the output flange plate. Gear, sprocket, etc can be directly mounted on the flange plate. This unit can apply to most larger load of rotary disc drive occasion, the series models are widely used in all kinds of disc processing machinery, and similar institutions of industrial machinery, automatic intermittent drive, drive disc.